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June 2022
EDEN Joins Plexus LGBT & Allied Chamber of Commerce

As part of our commitment to create awareness and promote inclusion, EDEN is now a proud member of Plexus LGBT & Allied Chamber of Commerce—a unique opportunity to create and sustain a LGBTQ inclusive workplace.

PlexusAll employees of EDEN now have access to the Plexus website and its LGBTQ & Allied Business and Professionals network.  Benefits to aid in our development of LGBTQ awareness, exploration of language and behavior, and facilitate change include:

Plexus Training:

EDEN’s  first all-staff training,  LGBTQ 101 was presented on June 23, 2022, and there was an unprecedented 71% staff in attendance.  Plexus Cleveland will be facilitating additional training for EDEN’s Leadership Team on July 20, 2022.

Using small group activities, guided discussion, and panels, the Plexus training and educational program offerings provide various approaches for developing cultural humility and actionable ways to be an ally. This education and training program seeks to relieve the pressure points that non-LGBTQ workers may experience around LGBTQ openness, perceptions of LGBTQ inclusion, and demystify how to be an ally.

The training provides functional understanding of diversity, programs and policies that advance inclusion, as well as languages and behaviors that support a diverse and productive workplace. Attendees learn, practice, and develop skills and understandings that enable them to respond to complex situations and interactions in the workplace. 

Visit www.thinkplexus.org to see more of what Plexus has to offer.



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