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November 2021
Make EDEN your charity of choice this November!

Miracles happen every day at EDEN. Steady jobs are found. Degrees are earned. Families are reunited. Why? Because people who were homeless finally have a secure, safe place to call home.

They because of you! Thank you for believing housing is a basic right of all people, and the first step in helping those vulnerable and disadvantaged transform their lives.

November is National Homeless Awareness Month, and we are will introducing you to some of the staff who make a difference in the lives of others.

#GivingTuesday is officially November 30th, but at EDEN we are celebrating it throughout November with spotlights on client success.

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As you are inspired by their stories, donate at www.EDENcle.org/support to make miracles happen!

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth

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Meet Melissa.

MelissaMelissa, a mother of two teenagers, became homeless. To secure new housing, she registered at a temporary employment agency to earn whatever income she could. She told them she would accept anything they offered. They did find two opportunities, and one of them was for an assignment at EDEN. She accepted it right away. She was hired in September and used her first paycheck to get an apartment for her children and herself.

Melissa is a Client Liaison for EDEN, a new position created to help clients with the process of applying for housing support. She works with them to submit the needed paperwork and documentation, explains the process to them, makes sure they know what to expect, lets them know what their responsibilities will be, and answers their questions. When the application is completed, she connects them with a Housing Eligibility Specialist. Melissa also helps the Specialists with written communications to both tenants and property owners.

“I love my job. I am a mother, a daughter, and a caretaker. I am so grateful that I am able to use my passion for helping others in a meaningful job. Most importantly, I work with others who feel the same way. EDEN is focused on its housing mission, and it does exactly what it says it is going to do."

Melissa's work ethic is shared by her children. Isaiah, 19, graduated from high school last year and works for a glass company. Mariah, 17, is a senior in high school and works at McDonald's. Together, the family is able to flourish because of their hard work. Melissa is looking forward to a long career at EDEN.

“I love learning about EDEN's programs and all the services it offers. I would love to grow and be promoted to other positions so that I could do more to help others. Who knows? I might even become supervisor. Anything is possible with hard work!”

Like Melissa, all EDEN staff are passionate about its mission to provide housing solutions to people facing the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness. Please remember EDEN in your year-end giving: www.EDENcle.org/support.

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth



JohnnyMeet Johnny.

Johnny, a veteran, has always been an over-achiever when it comes to setting and meeting goals.

Once he had a permanent home through EDEN, Johnny focused great effort on overcoming drug addiction. He learned that treatment centers did not provide a simple solution for him. The commitment to achieve sobriety had to come from within. When he found that inner determination, he was able to heal. Johnny has now been in recovery for more than a year.

After securing stable housing and achieving sobriety, Johnny’s next goal was to get a job and excel at it. He now works at the Salvation Army, helping the organization help others in need. “I am the second hardest worker on the planet!”

When Johnny was told he had cancer, he approached it like he always does — determined to fight. “I was really low and thought about hurting myself, but my momma always told me that was a sin. So I fought it, and I won.”

Johnny used his earnings from the Salvation Army to buy a used car. His current goal is to save up enough money to replace the engine. “So far, I have most of it saved!” No one doubts that he is up to this challenge.

You can help men and women like Johnny who need only a home to thrive. Go to www.EDENcle.org/support and make your commitment today!

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth



On Veterans Day, EDEN salutes a tenant who served his country and his fellow veterans.  

Meet Maurice.

MauriceMaurice served in the army in the 1980’s, stationed in Alabama and Germany. When he was discharged, he worked at the local Veterans Administration for more than 10 years in orthopedics. He considered himself an advocate for the other veterans. “I would see people stomping down the hall, angry that they weren’t being heard. I fought for them, telling the doctors that they needed to take the time to really listen to what they were being told.” For his efforts, he was named Employee of the Month.

Maurice now lives at the Commons at West Village, which provides permanent supportive housing to people who were chronically homeless. “This place is incredible. Annabella works with all of us veterans, and she is amazing. If you put a foot forward, all the staff will help you. They are a blessing from God!”

He joined the EDEN board last year so that he can share client experiences and needs with the other members. His insight is invaluable in the planning process.

Maurice spends his time taking care of others. He owns a car and often takes his neighbors to get groceries. He cleans the apartment and cooks for the gentleman in the apartment next to his. “He’s nearing 70 years old and can’t get around too much anymore. I have a friend who still works for the VA, Linda, and I cut her grass and shovel her snow. I also do that for some of her neighbors. If I see someone in need of something, I help out. I feel it’s my responsibility to make life better for others whenever I can.”

You can help men and women like Maurice who need only a home to thrive. Go to www.EDENcle.org/support and make your commitment today!

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth


During National Homeless Awareness Month, EDEN will introduce you to some of the staff who make a difference.

Meet Allaya.

Officially, Allaya is the Front Desk Clerk at the Commons at West Village, but she considers her real title to be Head Cheerleader. “I love interacting with the clients. When they are having a bad day, I remind them where they were even a few months ago, and where they are right now. They pause, think, and then smile. ‘Yeah, you’re right. I’m doing pretty good!’”

With 62 units occupied, it can get very busy at the Commons. “Julie, Annabella, and I make an awesome team. There can be so many issues happening all around us, but together, we can tackle anything!” (Julie is the property manager of West Village, and Annabella is the on-site Veterans Advocate from FrontLine Service.)

AllayaAs part of her cheerleading duties, Allaya updates the white board in front of the reception desk every day with encouraging quotes. Not only does it uplift those who enter and leave the building, but it starts meaningful conversations with the tenants. “So many who have entered the program thought very little of themselves. But with the support system we offer, and very hard work on their end, they are able to grow into the people they were meant to be. Every time I see their self-esteem grow, I tell myself I am at the right place doing what I am meant to do. I'm happy just to support everyone as much as I can.”

Like Allaya, all EDEN staff are passionate about its mission to provide housing solutions to people facing the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness. Please remember EDEN in your year-end giving: www.EDENcle.org/support.

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth



Meet JohnMeet John.

John has been a resident of EDEN’s permanent supportive housing for more than 23 years and is a role model for all who want to pay it forward.

Once he had a permanent home with EDEN John became a volunteer patient navigator at MetroHealth for clients with HIV. He was responsible for helping clients get connected with resources in the community and represented them when they tried to get help. "I told them where they could get clothes, food, housing, churches that served meals. I went to doctor appointments to make sure they were not stigmatized. In 2009 I was awarded Navigator of the Year!"

John also became a red coat volunteer at Playhouse Square and has been with them for about ten years. He is the Lobby Director for Playhouse Square’s Second Stage program for Cleveland State University students. He also volunteers at Ronald McDonald House, the Lakewood Area Agency on Aging, and the ADAHMS board.

John is also a motivational speaker, traveling to local colleges to tell students his story. “It's important for them to know that, no matter what, you have to give back. You have to help your community. You are a strong person when you care about others. You might be poor, but you can have pride.”
Nowadays, Precious—John's 5-year old Havanese support dog—is always at his side. “When I get depressed, I am so grateful for Precious because she helps me cope.”

You can help men and women like John who need only a home to thrive. Go to www.EDENcle.org/support and make your commitment today!

#EDEN_cle #MiraclesHappen #EndHomelessness #HomeToThrive #HomelessAwarenessMonth



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