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April 2021
Spectrum News Highlights EDEN Landlord Program

Excerpt from Spectrum News Article written by Taylor Bruck @taylorbrucktv

Help Us Track Hate

CLEVELAND -- Steve Stohlman is the owner of Done Right Home Solutions LLC. But he's more than just a contractor and a landlord. Not only does he do right by the homes he renovates through putting in modern flooring and appliances, he does right by the people who rent from him.

“There's nothing better than seeing someone become successful,” said Stohlman. “So they tell me, I asked them all, what do you want out of life? And I asked my crew (that) too -- what are your goals? We sit down with each and every one of them and we have a conversation about, ‘Hey, where do you want to go in life? You know, what's your next step?' And then I help them.”

Stohlman is one of about 1,400 landlords in Cleveland who work with EDEN, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide housing solutions to people facing housing insecurity and homelessness.

“Let's take the profitability aspect out of it for a second. You might say, ‘Oh my goodness, it's a homeless person. Or it's someone that was in jail. I don't want those people in my building.' So for us and working with EDEN, EDEN's going to pay that rent for those people and those programs…. As a landlord, we don't have to worry about collecting our rent and we can just judge that person on their actions from today forward,” said Stohlman.

“Ultimately, people do better when they have stable housing,” said Anne Hutchison, the manager of short-term assistance and retention at EDEN. “They do better in housing versus staying in shelter. That's one of the things that research has shown is that when you have somebody in housing and then you link them to services, they're more successful … A stable home environment is healthier and better for a family or a single individual versus being in a crisis situation.”

Landlords who wish to participate in the program can call our landlord information line, 216-961-9690 x319, or email edenlandlordinfo@edencle.org.

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