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January 2024 Issue

Who Can You Call When You Need Something?

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EDEN is grateful to receive feedback from our housing provider partners. Last week, someone sent us a message: There are so many phone numbers for EDEN! Who do I call when I need something specific? We came up with this helpful list to help you avoid transfer anxiety.

Community Housing Agents

EDENLandlordInfo@EDENcle.org | 216-503-6369

Community Housing Agents are responsible for cultivating strong business relationships with property owners who provide quality housing for subsidy participants. Darius Osorio and Alicia Clayton are a great source of information when listing your properties with EDEN, They can also tell you what housing provider incentives you can be eligible for — such as double security deposits,reimbursements for repairs for issues found during an inspection, rent arrearages, reimbursement to fix damages caused by a tenant, etc. They understand the rental property industry and can help you with resources to help you thrive in your business.

Housing Locators

Call 216-961-9690 and ask to speak to the Housing Locator you are working with

Housing Locators are tasked with finding housing that meets the needs of participants who have been approved for a housing voucher. They are the ones who will schedule appointments with property owners like you for the participants to view the units. If needed, they transport the participants to the viewing and help them ask questions important to them. They will also answer any questions about the participant's program that you may have.

Housing Inspectors

216-978-7937 | EDENinspections@edencle.org

HUD requires that every housing unit pass a safety inspection before Federal funds can be used. EDEN's Housing Inspectors will examine prospective housing and look for items in the checklist. The majority of time, units will pass inspection. However, if repairs need to be made, they will let you know. Once those issues have been fixed, you can contact them for a second inspection. If you make repairs based on the results of an inspection, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Contact the EDEN Property Owner Hotline for more information about incentive. Call the Housing Inspection Department to schedule/reschedule inspections or to ask any questions about the inspector's findings.

Certification Processors

Call 216-961-9690 and ask to speak to the Certification Processor you are working with

Certification Processors manage the lease agreements and HAP contracts. They will review your lease and identify any issues that need correction. They are also the ones who will negotiate rental rates and develop the HAP contract for you to sign.

Housing Eligibility Specialists

Call 216-961-9690 and tell the Receptionist your tenant's name; ask her to transfer you to their Eligibility Specialist

The Housing Eligibility Specialists serve as the liaison between the tenant and their housing provider. They should be your first contact if you encounter problems with your tenant. They can be contacted for any issue that may arise during a tenancy, but will divert questions related to finance, housing location/stability, and inspections to the appropriate department. You can contact them if you feel the participant is not adhering to the lease agreement or needs additional support to maintain their housing. They can also refer your tenant to Retention Specialists or Case Managers for follow-up and more intensive support.

Retention Specialists

Contact the tenant's Housing Eligibility Specialist for more information

The Retention Specialists become involved when a tenant displays behaviors that might endanger their housing. They can meet with the tenant, identify any issues they are having, and then develop a plan that the tenant to follow so that they maintain their housing. If you find that your participant is in distress—has problems making their rent payments, has hoarding/housekeeping issues, is involved in an abusive relationship, etc.—please reach If you find that your participant is in distress—has problems making their rent payments, has hoarding/housekeeping issues, is involved in an abusive relationship, etc.—please reach out to the Housing Eligibility Specialist. They can connect the tenant to a Retention Specialist.

Case Managers

Contact the tenant's Housing Eligibility Specialist for more information

Case managers work closely with participants on any issues they may be experiencing in their life and are often the person with the most information about a participant’s particular situation. EDEN does not employ case managers nor do the staff have responsibilities that a case manager would have. EDEN works with several community agencies to provide case management to its participants to help with any issues that may arise during a participant’s time in the program. If you find that your participant is experiencing severe behavior issues,you can contact the tenant's Housing Eligibility Specialist. They can forward your concerns to the tenant's Case Manager.

If In Doubt

EDENLandlordInfo@EDENcle.org | 216-503-6369

If you would like to talk to someone at EDEN but don't know who to call, contact the EDEN Property Owner Hotline and they will be able to help you.

Thank you!


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