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May 2023 Issue

Understanding the RFLA:
Request for Lease Approval

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keysWhat is the RFLA and
why is it important I know about it?

When a tenant decides to rent from you, EDEN gives the tenant the RFLA packet—Request For Lease Approval—to complete and then give it to you. It has all the information EDEN needs to approve your unit for the tenant and set you up for automatic pyaments. This must be completed and submitted with the required documents before EDEN and the tenant can begin paying you rent.

Failure to submit required documents with the RFLA will cause us to stop processing it, so be sure to keep the packet together and submit all pages except the tenant info page.

Our Welcome Packet for Housing Providers offers additional information. If you have any questions, please click here to send an email and we will provide answers and direction!

What does the RFLA Packet include?

The RFLA packet includes the following:

  • Tenant Info Page - This outlines the process to get the lease approval and lists the tenant's responsibilities. The tenant keeps this page.
  • RFLA Checklist - This is a brief checklist of what must be submitted with the completed RFLA. There are different requirements for the RFLA for Rapid Re-Housing, so please be aware of which program the tenant is eligible for. Please review it and check off the documents that you are enclosing with it.
  • Minimum Inspection Requirements - Once EDEN receives the completed RFLA, a HQS inspector will contact you to schedule an appointment. This lists what the inspector will be looking for. You can use this to do a preliminary walk-through to make sure your unit can pass all the requirements.
  • Request for Lease Approval Form - For the top half, find out which program the client is enrolled in. Enter their name and their birth date. Complete the bottom half with information about you/your company.
  • Request for Lease Approval Form Page 2 - Make sure the tenant has completed the block at the bottom of the page. You should complete the rest of the form for the unit you are renting to the tenant.
  • Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazard Lead Warning Statement - This is your acknowledgement that the unit has lead-based paint or has tested negative for lead-based paint. IN 2019, THE Cleveland City Council passed legislation that requires owners of rental property in the City to prove that their dwelling units are safe from lead hazards. Click here for more information about the process. Consult the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition Website for guidance on how to obtain financial assistance to mitigate the hazards of lead-based paint, how to find a contractor, how to ensure your home remains lead safe and other questions you may have around lead safe practices.
  • Direct Deposit Form- EDEN will make direct deposits to your bank account the first of each month. The amount will be EDEN's portion of the rent/utilities. The tenant will pay you their portion separately.
  • W9 - Complete the W9 for the entity that owns the property - either you as an individual or the company that owns it. At the top, enter your phone, email and the tenant's name.

For a sample of the RFLA, click here. If you rent to tenants of Rapid Re-Housing, you can view the sample of that RFLA here.

The RFLA Checklist

The checklist for Rapid Re-Housing tenants is a little different: the certificate of occupancy is optional but encouraged; the tax documentation is required only if the property is in foreclosure (but still encouraged!). A completed W9 is required for everyone.

RFLA Checklist 1

RFLA Checklist 2

Request for Lease Approval Form







Completing the W9

w9 1

w9 2

w9 3

w9 4

w9 5

Completing the Lead-Based Paint Form

lead based paint 1

lead based paint 2


And Don't Forget the Direct Deposit Form So You Can Get Paid!

We didn't include instructions since it's self-explanatory, this is what we ask of you ....

direct deposit 1

direct deposit 2



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