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March 2023 Issue

How to Get Started with EDEN

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housing providerThe current lack of affordable housing means that individuals and families with low incomes are more frequently experiencing housing insecurity and, in many cases, becoming homeless. EDEN is seeking housing providers who want to be part of the solution.

In general, participants in EDEN’s programs pay 30%-40% of their adjusted income for rent and utilities … a reasonable amount that leaves money available for food, clothing, medical care, and more. EDEN pays the remaining portion directly to you via direct deposit the first of every month. That means you have reliable payments while helping individuals and families live in safe homes.

About the Program

EDEN is a private, nonprofit housing development agency designed to increase the number of decent and affordable housing units available in northeast Ohio. We oversee housing assistance programs that administer rental assistance funds directly to property owners. These subsidies expand housing opportunities for people in need, and help property owners fill vacancies.

Throughout the years, EDEN has established an excellent record of paying rents on-time, and responding to property owners' calls and questions. We welcome the opportunity to invite new property owners to participate in our rental subsidy programs. Rents are based on property location, property condition and amenities.

housing provider and tenantFor most programs, your asking rent can be approved as long as it is in line with the market and “reasonable.” Many factors go into determining the reasonable amount of rent: number of bedrooms, utilities included, location, etc. If the rent amount being asked—including information about utilities and amenities—is too high for a particular program, we do try to negotiate other options or may be able to refer other households to you. For some programs, EDEN can only approve rent amounts based on an annual Fair Market Rates publication from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In all cases, the participant's income is also considered, which is why a unit may be affordable for some, but not others. Your Community Housing Agent can provide more information.


How to Get Started with EDEN

STEP 1: Review the Housing Provider Welcome Packet

Never rented with us before? This packet provides details and info that property owners or their designated agents need to get started. It includes a sample contract, minimum inspection requirements, and more.

STEP 2: Complete and Submit the Direct Deposit Form

Get your monies via direct deposit - complete this form and return it to EDEN.

STEP 3: Complete and Submit the Property Owner/Manager Disclosure Form

EDEN requires all property owners or designated agents applying for a subsidized housing program to complete this disclosure form so that EDEN has the needed information.

STEP 4: Complete and Submit a W9 Form

You need to send us a completed W9 in order to get paid. We also need these for audits. If you have questions, use these samples for how-to help.


    Step by Step


STEP 5: Start Sending Us Your Property Listings

Complete the Property Listing Form. Completing this form allows EDEN program staff to provide information about your unit(s) to our clients. We encourage you to review the HQS standards to make sure your property will pass the inspection upon the first try. This will not only ensure that your property is rent to rent, but that the time from agreement to move-in is shortened.


Join a Virtual Housing Provider Orientation

During these virtual informational sessions, we will explain the benefits of working with EDEN to increase your income and decrease your vacancy rates. We will provide program details, information regarding the moving process from start to finish, advertising available units with EDEN, and more. Please join us if you want to learn more about EDEN and the process of renting to our clients.

Property owners, property management staff, and realty companies are all welcome to attend!

Forums are scheduled based on registrations. Call 216-503-6369, or email EdenLandlordInfo@EDENcle.org, to register.  





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Watch our Video

Watch the Video about Our Program for Housing Providers & Property Managers

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We want to partner with you!

EDEN has a robust program to help property owners and managers to attract and retain renters for their properties. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or want additional information. Click here to email our Community Housing Agents or call the property owner hotline at 216-503-6369.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the tenant pay their portion of the rent?

They pay the property owner or designated agent directly.

How soon will I receive payment for my first month's rent and security deposit?

Payment will be sent within 3-4 business days of our office receiving the passed inspection report.

When should I expect to receive the monthly subsidy payment from EDEN?

Between the 1st and 4th of each month.

Who do I contact if I do not receive a check from EDEN when it is expected?

The initial payment will not be made until the signed Lease Agreement has been received. If you have not received your first rental assistance payment within 30 days of execution of the HAP contract, email EDENinfo@EDENcle.org with the tenant's name and unit address.

If you are an existing property owner and your regular check has not been received by the 10th of the month, email EDENLandlordInfo@EDENcle.org with your tenant's name and the unit address. We will respond within 48 hours.


Submit Your Questions

Click here to ask a question. We will answer them in our February issue.


Resources for Housing Providers & Managers

Welcome Packet

Brochure for Housing Providers

Housing Provider Information Web Page

Fair Housing Center for Rights & Research

Lead Safe Cleveland
(see section for financial assistance)

Tenant & Housing Provider Duties


Scheduled for Our April Issue

Completing the RFLA

EDEN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing housing solutions
to people facing housing instabilities and homelessness.