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January 2023 Issue

Introduction to EDEN's Housing Provider Partnership Program

Partner with EDEN to Get these Benefits!

On-time monthly rent — One of the most significant advantages of accepting rental assistance from EDEN is that a substantial amount of what you are owed will be direct deposited reliably and on time each and every month. Because the vouchers cover a significant portion of the rent, even if the tenant slips into late payments, you will receive a large percentage of the rental amount on the first of every month.

Lower turnover and vacancy rates —
It’s difficult for tenants with vouchers to find quality housing, and it’s expensive to move frequently. Studies show that, if you provide quality housing and take good care of your tenants, you will likely see very high renewal rates and less vacancies.

Larger pool of applicants — Accepting tenants with housing vouchers opens up your market significantly. Allowing prospective renters who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford unsubsidized housing can give you a competitive advantage over other property owners in your area.

FREE inspections by certified HQS inspectors — Structural or safety problems in your units are easy to overlook and can worsen until they are expensive to fix. EDEN inspectors know what to look for and can warn you of problems before they become serious and costly.

Better experiences — Studies found that tenants with vouchers generally owe less back rent, and property owners have more positive experiences with voucher holders. During the COVID crisis, the stability of vouchers helped both tenants and property owners weather the pandemic’s financial effects.

Be Part of the Solution!

The current lack of affordable housing means that individuals and families with low incomes are more frequently experiencing housing insecurity and is some cases becoming homeless. In general, participants in EDEN’s programs pay 30%-40% of their adjusted income for rent and utilities … a reasonable amount that leaves money available for food, clothing, medical care, and more. EDEN pays the remaining portion directly to you via direct deposit the first of every month. That means you have reliable payments while helping individuals and families live in safe homes.

Two Types of Voucher Programs

Short/Medium-Term Rental Assistance Programs

The goal of this program is to provide short/medium-term (6-12 months) rental assistance for individuals or families who are currently homeless. They will have access to supportive services so that, by the end of the program, they are able to pay 100% of the rent on their own.

EDEN pays 100% of the monthly rent for the time the client is enrolled. Clients are linked with case managers and service providers to meet their needs. If there are concerns regarding their housing stability or issues that may put their housing at risk, they may be referred to EDEN Stability Specialists for follow up. EDEN will work with the client’s case manager(s), property owner/manager, and others to help resolve issues that may arise.

This program is also available for other special needs populations, such as those fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking.

Long-Term Voucher Programs

The goal of this program is to provide long-term rental asisstance so that clients pay a reasonable amount of their rent while EDEN pays the remainder.

Tenant(s) live in independently owned housing and pay 30%-40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent & utilities. This program continues as long as the participant(s) maintain their eligibility. Tenants are asked to re-certify every year to make sure they still qualify for the program.

Support Services are Key to Success

EDEN Stability Specialists help your tenants maintain their housing & meet their tenant responsibilities. They can serve as bridge between you and the tenant to make sure communications are clear and accurate. Stability specialists stay up to date on additional resources that may be available to the participant or housing provider as well as to help the participant maintain their eligibility in the program in which they are enrolled.

EDEN Housing Eligibility Specialists support the participants in their on-going participation on the program.  When unexpected financial hardship occurs, these specialists can reevaluate a tenant’s income and ensure that the program can support obligations. Likewise, Eligibility Specialists will determine when participants have permission to move, have ended with a program, and similar.

For most EDEN rental assistance programs, households works with a case manager or supportive services professional who links them to resources that will help increase income, manage money, and successfully maintain housing independently at the end of the program. These case managers are not employed by EDEN, but by agencies and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio who provide this kind of work.  With the participant’s authorization, EDEN may involve case managers to help support the work in maintaining housing stability. If a participant does not have a case manager, but may benefit from that support, EDEN will encourage the participant to pursue accessing services and support from local agencies.   

YOU are our customer, and we take customer service seriously. EDEN is known to work quickly to get tenants moved in. Our proven processes promote long-term stability for everyone. Please reach out to our Community Housing Agents at the information line 216-503-6369 or email EdenLandlordInfo@edencle.org and we’ll do our best to answer you questions or refer you to the person at EDEN who can help.



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We want to partner with you!

EDEN has a robust program to help property owners and managers to attract and retain renters for their properties. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or want additional information. Click here to email our Community Housing Agents or call the property owner hotline at 216-503-6369.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does EDEN determine how much rent should be paid for my unit?

For most programs, your asking rent can be approved as long as it is in line with the market and “reasonable.” Many factors go into determining the reasonable amount of rent: number of bedrooms, utilities included, location, etc. If the rent amount being asked—including information about utilities and amenities—is too high for a particular program, we do try to negotiate other options or may be able to refer other households to you. For some programs, EDEN can only approve rent amounts based on an annual Fair Market Rates publication from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In all cases, the participant's income is also considered, which is why a unit may be affordable for some, but not others. Your Community Housing Agent can provide more information.

What are the inspection requirements when an inspector comes out for the first inspection?

Download the Minimum inspection Standards. This list will give you many of the items our inspectors will be looking for when they inspect your unit.


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Resources for Housing Providers & Managers

Welcome Packet

Brochure for Housing Providers

Housing Provider Information Web Page

Fair Housing Center for Rights & Research

Lead Safe Cleveland
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Tenant & Housing Provider Duties


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